Something New Part 9

This photo is of one of my favorite buildings in the University, I have always liked architecture and was going to go into engineering before I chose Education. This is the Research and Innovation Centre at the University of Regina, It seems to be always busy with a lot of people there, and a lot of things happen in the sitting area like press conferences and meetings, I believe that it is because it is such a beautiful and very professional looking building. I always enjoy walking through this building on my ways to class, when the sun is shining through the huge glass walls giving a ton of natural light into the building. I just find the building very clean and professional, that is just the vibe that I get from this building. I have always liked this building ever since I came to University 2 years ago. I like spending time there and relaxing in the sitting area and getting work done.

Something New Part 8

This picture is from the University of Regina in the South Tower, I always walk through here to go from class to class on the other side of the University. I took this photo in the afternoon when it wasn’t that busy in the building because people were in classes. But I feel that this photo shows a lot about the University, it shows a ton of different Countries and it represents the diversity in the University. Which when you look around in some of your classes you can see how diverse the University is, and I think that is very cool to be at a university where you can have this huge difference in cultures and background, we can learn so much from each other. This picture is just one of many and this is not even half of the flags that are hung up on the ceiling. I think this is just very cool to be able to be at a University where you can experience all of these different cultures. IMG_1379

Something New part 7

This blog this week is a little different compared to my previous blogs, I went and got a tattoo. I had been planning it for months and had the appointment booked for a couple of months. Leading up to it I had a lot of anxiety and was very nervous. I had never done anything like this before and it was a very new experience. Right up until he put the needle to my arm I was incredibly nervous, but the second the needle touched my arm, yes it hurt but all of the anxiety and all those feelings just disappeared and left my mind, and I smiled.IMG_1330

So a little background on the meaning of the tattoo, it is for my Grandma, the flowers are for her, she was always big into gardening and always had a big garden in her back yard. She passed away at the start of this year and I wanted to get something for her because she was such a big part of my childhood. And she always said to buy something nice and so I did and I think that she would have liked it. The sword is an Irish Ring Sword and I chose that because I have a lot of Irish heritage in my family and always like the look of it. 

Something New Part 6

I have always liked this spot at the University. It is someplace that I walk by almost every day and there is almost always someone playing the piano there. Of course, when I was taking the picture it was around 8 in the morning and there was barely anyone there except me. I have always liked that room and hallway because it almost all is windows and it feels like you are outside but you are still protected from the cold snow and elements. I have felt like even though it is quite a busy hallway it still is a place that a little light can shine through on your walk and it still feels open and does not feel overcrowded and isn’t as dark as some of the busy hallways in the university.


The one thing that always caught my eye was that bright red piano in a room full of plants and windowed walls, it definitely sticks out in the walkway and it is always nice to hear people playing music as you walk down that way. It is sort of a meditation for some people, I wish that I could play the piano and be able to play it at that piano but it is always nice to have music while you’re at school and I feel that it helps other people who like to sit around the room. Like I said it is like meditation and people like to sit there and listen to music and relax, a sort of safe space away from the craziness of the University in a busy path.

Something new Part 5

This place was somewhere new for me, it was the Mackenzie Art Gallery. This was my first time being there. We spent the whole morning there mostly with the First Nations art and Canadian artists’ area. Focusing on the land and more importantly a lot of Canadian artists. The first picture is from the galley on the Canadian landscape and the guides told us that some of these were used as a sort of advertisement for the Europeans to come over and settle. But what we do not see First Nations people or their settlements, I found that very interesting. The other photos are from a gallery that was right next to the galleries on the land. 

This gallery really caught my eye compared to the other one, because of how colorful and how there was a lot of stuff going on for lack of better terms. There was art hanging on the wall and it was in a dark room with a lot of neon and bright colors. I really liked this gallery it felt more almost upbeat than the other gallery, I felt like a little sad while we were in the gallery about the First Nations paintings because a lot is sad about it the way they were stripped of their land and Europeans came and basically put ads for coming and colonizing this “untouched land”. It was just 2 very different experiences, one very interesting and historical and the other very abstract and hard to explain, and the craziest thing in my mind was that the two very different galleries that were stood about 20 feet apart. 

Something New part 4

This place is often a place that I walk by a lot, but never really get a chance to look at more closely, I took this picture on Tuesday Afternoon during my ESCI class. We had to go for a walk and list things that we find in two columns, things that are natural the other being things that are not natural. I found this one to be kind of difficult to place in the lists because, on one hand, it is a garden with natural vegetables growing in it. well at least earlier in the year before the pictures were taken. but at the same time, the garden was not naturally put there and neither were the vegetables that had been planted there. It could have gone either way and depends on how you look at it.

The one thing that always caught my eye at this spot was the big metal cage ball in the bottom left picture because I had no idea what it is or what it is used for and to this day I still have no idea and it bugs me. other than that, it is a very nice spot at the end of the green and kind of out of the way broken by a tree line from the path. but now that it is fall the trees do not have leaves on them and can not hide the garden away.

Something New part 3

Finally while I do one of these “something new” blogs it was not raining, this time like on the first blog it while I was out for a drive in Moose Jaw and came across a bridge that I really didn’t notice that much before, It is kind of in a back road behind the bible college in Moose jaw and next to a retirement home on south hill. It is a very short bridge and it is just over a railroad track that goes behind south hill and doesn’t seem to be used very often probably around once a day. I took these photos around 6:00 on Thursday and it was quite cold but not yet feeling like Winter yet but definitely feeling like fall. Like I said it does not seem to be a very common route taken.


It caught my attention because it has a nice view over Wakamow valley and I’m sure that a lot of people see because of how little this route is probably taken, the wind was blowing and the cold air was making me think that I should have stayed in my car and taken the pictures, but I wouldn’t have been able to get good pictures if I did. Even though I still was in the city it was quiet and it being only 4 blocks away from a main road coming in from the highway. I really like finding spots like these ones in the city because it is something new, something I have not seen or experienced before.