Curriculum Process

When I first thought of the making of the curriculum I believed that it was made up by a committee in the ministry of Education that decides what is best for the students and what they should be taking. I did not know of the whole ordeal that they have to go through to make the curriculum, and the amount of revision and political interference that they had to go through. I assumed that there was political interference some might not get their views used in the making. I assumed that whoever they were they were a group of “experts” picked by the government to oversee this task and decide on what’s best for the curriculum and what should be improved and made priorities.

It is very difficult for agreement on the curriculum because there are so many different views on what should be important and what should not be so important, it is like the goals set by the government before it was reading and literacy and now it is about math and getting the overall average up, and eventually it will shift again. No one will ever completely agree on what we should be learning and what is most important, because people will always think that one is more important than the other. More business-minded and technologically minded people will more focus on the sciences and mathematics and decide that they are more important, but on the other hand, people who are more artistic may lean towards art and language being studied and more important in the curriculum. What I am trying to say is that it is very difficult for people to make a curriculum because everyone is unique in there learning ability and what they want to do in life. Who gets to decide what individuals have a say after all the discussion is done who’s voices actually get heard because of all of the trial and views it goes through people must get lost in the confusion and mess.

Let’s be honest the making of Curriculum at this point in time is a mess, they said it best themselves in the article there just isn’t enough hours and days for schools to provide all the outcomes people want the children to learn. We as teachers would have to meet at least 2 outcomes a day for 8 years for the students to meet all the requirements that we believe that they should. It just can’t be done right now. And who gets to pick these outcomes and why should they have to meet these outcomes. Curriculums are subject to political change and tampering, they are incredibly disputed between political parties and social groupings. They have to decide what is important and a mandatory class and what is not. Like if a school tried to take out a math program there would be an uproar because that is looked at as a core class and can not be taken out because it is too vital to society. On the other hand, some schools don’t even have an art program because it is seen as nonessential. We need to create a better process because it has caused some parts of the curriculum to be outdated and disputed and holding back vital learning for children like social studies and the health programs.



2 thoughts on “Curriculum Process”

  1. Hello, I had the same initial thought of how the curriculum is made up. I had a part of me that thought that teachers had a complete contribution in the progress. I could not imagine having to try to agree all together on a curriculum. How do you think they could make it so people could agree more on the criteria of the curriculum? How could we as educators still incorporate art? Thank you for the good read!


  2. I agree with your point that there are not enough hours in a day and enough days in a year to include everything in the curriculum. If such an approach is adopted the education pattern will change from study in depth to skimming the surface.


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